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[30 Nov 2011|08:08pm]
wow i still have an lj. i basically forgot about it until i was doing some research and was looking at the pro_si group.

btw, doing a phd is fucking HARD. this is the first time ever that i've actually been challenged, and it's EXTREMELY CHALLENGING. getting an MA was nothing in comparison. seriously. i guess teaching at the same time is a little difficult, but mostly, it's the level of thinking. also the amount of work. also the fact that i haven't gotten over my habit of procrastination and it's getting a little difficult to do an entire research project, as in conducting the actual research, at the last minute. i'm definitely getting smarter, though... in a particular area anyway.

also, the politics are ridiculous. i'm not really involved but i observe and it's freaking stupid. i'm so glad i'm not forcefully jammed up my own ass.
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